About Us

AXIA LIFE SCIENCES is Asia’s premier pharmaceutical company that is driven by the vision to make a difference to global healthcare through improved access to high quality, life-saving therapeutics by making them affordable for patients across the world. 

We AXIA LIFE SCIENCES have evolved from manufacturing pharmaceuticals IN ALL SEGMENTS and to discovering, developing and producing THERAPIES in chronic DISEASES such as diabetes, oncology and immunology for global markets. 

AXIA LIFE SCIENCES is among the few companies globally have received approvals for its PRODUCTS from DEVELOPING COUNTRIES like the AFRICA We have also established our presence in key emerging markets through safe, effective and high quality THERAPEUTICS including recombinant human insulin. 

Our credibility as a serious player in the THERAPEUTIC sector was first AFRICA MARKET. The credibility was enhanced when AXIA LIFE SCIENCES, along with partner IN AFRICA became the global PLAYER to get ESTABLISHED..

AXIA LIFE SCIENCES  A combination of specialized talent, state-of-the-art research and manufacturing infrastructure and a culture of deep science and regulatory compliance have differentiated us in the marketplace and given us a distinct competitive edge. It has also led to AXIA LIFE SCIENCES being recognized as a credible global pharmaceuticals player.

To carry out our work with fairness, integrity, clarity and a steadfast resolve.

To gain an edge over our competitors by constantly improving the QCD (Quality, Cost & Delivery) of our main products through quick recognition of market trends. 

We always aim to achieve the highest level of excellence in all our endeavours and in the quality of the products and services we provide around the world.

To enhance our fundamental capabilities by providing high quality services in a timely manner.

To be an established exporter of perfectly priced, high grade finished pharmaceutical formulations with the help of a clear and robust operational procedure coupled with transparent and lucid documentation, thus enabling the smooth conduct of business with our clients across the globe. 

Global Scale

To fulfill our mission of making a difference to global healthcare we have made sizable capital intensive investments in MARKETING to deliver economies of scale. These investments IN AXIA LIFE SCIENCES have and will enable us to have a significant global footprint to serve patient needs. 

Strategic Capabilities

We AXIA LIFE SCIENCES have created a highly cross-functional matrix focused on products, processes and people to reliably and consistently develop and deliver differentiated products. We have consistently been among the pharma companies in India with the highest investments in development. We have leveraged India’s value advantage of unmatched scientific talent and cost-competitive manufacturing to deliver scale, speed and quality. Over time, we have emerged as a highly innovative pharmaceuticals 

Commitment to Quality

We AXIA LIFE SCIENCES have established robust regulatory and quality systems to develop and deliver complex therapeutics. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are designed to conform to the most stringent cGMP guidelines, comply with international regulatory standards and meet client requirements FOR AFRICA. We are ever vigilant on quality and compliance through continuous improvement and regularly evaluate our quality systems and MARKETING operations in order to be on par with global best practices.